At Your Service

Technical Support

We have built our reputation, over many decades, on providing exceptional technical support. This support comes from our own staff, from our suppliers directly, or from independent consulting engineers who we engage as needed.

We work with only a small range of products, but it’s a purposeful approach. You see, we’ve chosen to cherry-pick only best-in-class products, from companies who offer best-in-class technical support, and then become the exclusive experts in those products.

It’s an approach that means – when you choose Xypex or any of our other products – you can be sure of top-class service and in-depth specification advice.

Need technical advice? Ask away! Click here  to send us your question.

Research & Development

We only choose suppliers who have robust research and are the leading product in their market segment.

All of our suppliers carry out ongoing testing on their own products, along with research & development on product enhancements or new product innovations.

We also undertake our own occasional research and testing, including confirmation of product performance.

A recent example, driven by an enquiry from one of our clients, involved testing the compatibility of Xypex when combined with another material. We supplied this research back to Xypex and to our client.

Product Sourcing

With our depth of experience and our breadth of international networks, we’re the company the concrete companies choose when they need to source a specialty product.

Come to us with your concreting challenge or end-goal, and let us find the solution for you.

We have researched, sourced and exclusively imported specialist products for some of New Zealand’s largest manufacturers.

Needing a specialist product or a very unique solution?

Contact Demden  – we are NZ’s leaders in concrete technology.