About Us

A Proud History

In 1970, after years operating pre-cast yards in Auckland, Wellington and Australia, civil engineer Bill Evans decided to focus on supplying products to the construction industry.  Demden Industries quickly established itself as a market leader, importing and distributing highly effective products, including the expansive cement additive Denka CSA.

In 1995, John Evans took over from his father, with a commitment to carry on Demden’s legacy of technical expertise and service. Our focus remains firmly concentrated on innovative, specialist products for the construction industry. 

Demden continues to be the exclusive NZ distributor of Denka CSA  (as we have been since 1968!) and is also the exclusive New Zealand distributor of Tech-Dry masonry waterproofing and the world-leading concrete repair and protection range, Xypex .

Small by Design

We have elected to remain a small, specialist team, working with a select portfolio of products. As leaders in concrete technology, we seek out only those products that are best in their class, and ensure we are the exclusive experts in those products.

It’s an approach that means – when you choose Xypex or any of our other products – you can be sure of very personal service and in-depth technical advice.

Global Reach

Demden has an excellent network of partners around the world.

We can put these vast international networks to work for you, researching and importing speciality solutions to meet your specific needs.