Concrete Remedial Repair Products

M P&P Mortar Fast-setting patching and repair Xypex Megamix I Waterproofing & resurfacing mortar Xypex Megamix II High-build mortar for patching & resurfacing concrete Xypex Patch n' Plug Stops flowing water in seconds Xypex FCM 80 Flexible cementitious membrane Xypex Gamma Cure Curing agent for use with Xypex coatings Xypex Xycrylic Admix Cement Mortar Fortifier Kuniseal-C-31-DS-Waterstop Concrete joint waterproofing material

Specify Xypex – there is no equivalent

  • Permanent Crystalline waterproofing – Impermeable

  • Increases concrete durability & service life

  • Self-Healing cracks up to 0.4mm in width

  • Permanent – Xypex is present and active for the life of the concrete

  • Resists extreme Hydrostatic pressure

  • Resistant to aggressive chemicals

  • Protection in Marine Environments

  • Very cost effective compared to membrane systems

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