Denka CSA Projects 29 September 2022

Petone Pak N Save

  • Location: Petone, Wellington
  • Project Dates: 1994

Project Description

The large load-bearing floor at Petone’s Pak N’ Save (Foodstuffs) Supermarket was built free of cracks and control joints, using the expansive admixture Denka CSA. The supermarket enjoys higher levels of hygiene, lower maintenance and greater custom convenience as a result of the seamless slabs.

Consulting Engineer Rob Bryant of Tse Group specified the Denka CSA, and comments: “We regard Denka CSA as the most cost-effective method of achieving large joint-free concrete slabs”.

The 150mm thick floor was poured as two adjacent slabs, measuring 360m x 30m and 21m x 20m respectively. Higgins Concrete supplied 250m3 of 35MPa mix, containing 9 tonnes of Denka CSA.

Carrying heavy shelving and traversed by forklift trucks as well as customers’ trolleys, the jointless retail floor has remained as crack-free as intended.

Products Used

Project People

  • Concrete Supplier: Higgins Concrete
  • Engineering Firm: Tse Group
  • Consulting Engineer(s): Rob Byrant