Xypex Projects 29 September 2022

Manukau Wastewater UV Facility

  • Location: Manukau, Auckland
  • Project Dates: Jan 2001 – September 2001

Project Description

1500 kg Xypex Admix C-1000NF was added to the in-situ cast concrete floor slab for the UV filter gallery to heal expected cracks. Underneath the floor is a canal, which when pressurised, exerts a 9m head of water pressure under the floor. When the pressure stabilised the Xypex shut down any leaks within a 2-week period, giving visual confirmation of the self-healing ability of Xypex.
500m3 of 35/10mm pump mix was dosed with 3.02kg/m3 of Xypex Admix.

6 months later the roof/ceiling also utilised 150m3 of Xypex Admix dosed concrete.

Products Used

Project People

  • Construction Company: Fletcher Construction
  • Concrete Supplier: Firth
  • Engineering Firm: Beca Consultants
  • Engineer(s): Brian Mackay (MWS)