General 04 May 2017

Denka CSA Dosage and Mixing Notice

DENKA CSA is used as a replacement for approximately 11% of the original cement content (see note on dosage below)

Maximum Dose Quantities: Depending on the cement content the dose of Denka CSA will typically be 30 to 40kg/m³. For cement contents greater than 400kg/m³, it is recommended that Denka CSA is dosed at a maximum of 40kg/m³.

Note on Mixing: Results over many years have shown that 10 minutes rapid mixing in the truck is essential to ensure Denka CSA is uniformly dispersed. Any reduction in this mixing time increases the risk of small pockets of Denka CSA being present and the formation of small “pop outs” on the slab surface. The extra 10 minutes rapid mixing has been shown to improve the consistency of some concrete properties between truck loads.