Denka CSA Projects 13 September 2022

Coldstore Flooring - Hawera

  • Location: Hawera
  • Project Dates: 1997

Project Description

The elimination of shrinkage cracks and expansion joints in three coldstore floors has greatly enhanced their durability under heavily-loaded high racking and forklift trucks.

Designed by Stiles & Hooker Ltd (Hamilton), the insulated floors contained 52 metric tonnes of Denka CSA shrinkage compensating cement. There are two cold storage floors of 1877m2 each and a third cold storage floor at 968m2, all holding dairy products such as butter.

Consulting Engineer Iain Brown specified Denka CSA because both the project designer and the New Zealand Dairy Board knew it to have been reliable in numerous other coldstores around New Zealand.

Firth Industries supplied over 1100m3 of Denka CSA concrete in 30 and 35MPa strengths for the three pours. The pours were placed in 150mm and 250mm thicknesses over polystyrene.
Denka CSA is more stable than lime hydrate alternatives and has better tolerance of both high and low ambient temperatures.

The Denka CSA floors contributed to meeting a tight project timeframe and the floors remain crack-free as anticipated.

Products Used

Project People

  • Concrete Supplier: Firth Industries
  • Designer: Stiles & Hooker Ltd
  • Consulting Engineer: Iain Brown
  • Sub-Contractor: Jones & Sandford