Xypex Projects 29 September 2022

CIAL Car Park - Christchurch Airport

  • Location: Harewood, Christchurch
  • Project Dates: May – November 2006

Project Description

5,115 kg Xypex Admix C-1000NF was added to the 80-110mm concrete topping slab. The slab was placed on top of Dycore units over post-tensioned beams.

The mix design included Eclipse shrinkage reducing compound and Xypex Admix for the top deck and Xypex only for the lower decks. The 30MPa mix routinely achieved 50MPa with a dose rate of 2.6kg Xypex Admix /m³.

1-2 pours experienced bug holes and plastic cracking (short and <3mm wide discontinuous cracks) which were subsequently filled with a broomed slurry coat of 800kg Xypex Concentrate, cured with 53 Litres of Xypex Gamma Cure, to prevent contamination entering the cracks and ensure a watertight deck for the client.

Project Details

  • Project Type: New
  • Structure Type: Exposed Parking Deck
  • Type of Construction: Post-Tensioned Reinforced Structure
  • Type of Cement: GP

Products Used

Project People

  • Construction Company: Naylor Love
  • Concrete Supplier: Firth Hornby
  • Xypex Applicator: 0800WEPAINT
  • Architectural Firm: Warren and Mahoney Christchurch
  • Engineering Firm: Beca and Alan Reay Consultants/CBE
  • Engineer(s): Haydn Palliser/Masako Uno