Xypex Projects 29 September 2022

Auckland University School of Business - Car Park

  • Location: Grafton, Auckland
  • Project Dates: November 2004 – August 2005

Project Description

Auckland University School of Business is a huge structure with a basement car park. The deepest two levels of the basement car park were composed of in-situ cast 300mm thick walls, dosed with Xypex Admix C-1000NF as the only concrete waterproofing.

Kuniseal C-31 Waterstop was applied to all associated construction joints and covered with a slurry of Xypex Concentrate. Kuniseal was also used at select levels higher up where required. Stage 1 of the basement was completed via Marin Construction, while Stage 2 was executed through Dominion Constructors.

1,893kg of Xypex Admix C-1000NF was added to 30MPa concrete supplied by Firth, with a total of 2,940m of Kuniseal placed under 360kg Concentrate.

The final car park is clean, tidy and very well presented, with no sign of leaks after several years.

Products Used

Project People

  • Construction Company: Fletcher Construction Company
  • Concrete Supplier: Firth
  • Architectural Firm: Archimedia
  • Architect(s): Russel Pinel
  • Engineering Firm: Beca Consultants
  • Xypex Applicators: Marin Construction and Dominion Constructors